Chief and Senior Leadership responsible for:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Data Analytics
  • Strategy
  • Innovations
  • Privacy and Legal
  • Finance/Revenue
  • Operations
  • Channel Development
  • Technology


  • Card Issuers
  • Payment Networks
  • Payment Processors
  • In store Technology Providers (NFC, RFID, In store Mobile, POS Tech)
  • Mobile Payment/Commerce Solutions Vendors
  • Handset, Tablet and Device Manufacturers
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Banks
  • Data Analytics Solution Providers


uilding upon the highly acclaimed Mobile Commerce and Payment Innovations series of events, the 3rd annual MOBILE PAYMENTS LEADERSHIP SUMMIT is an exclusive and candid forum that gathers key players from all area of the payment world to connect and share success strategies that are being implemented or are near implementation.

This Summit will analyze the latest disruptions and highlight key distinctions among the technologies and platforms. It will also assist you in developing the best solutions for your role in the payment world. We will have well moderated conversations highlighting solutions for the issues confronting the payment industry. These discussions will be part of dynamic forums in which participants can examine and seek solutions to the challenges of developing end- to end solutions. Case studies debates, and candid perspectives will offer valuable and authentic insights into the dynamics of the industry.

You will take away actionable solutions on how to:

  1. Develop products that foster mobile adoption and usage throughout the ecosystem
  2. Develop solutions that solve merchant and consumer problems
  3. Implement POS technologies that enable acceptance of multiple device types
  4. Apply mobile banking best practices
  5. Ensure security, authentication and protection of consumer data


  • How leading mobile wallet platforms stack up in providing value to retailers, brands and consumers
  • What are the pros and cons of key security and authentication strategies for the mobile channel
  • Which POS technologies drive the most traffic and will be readily adopted by merchants and consumers
  • The role of mobile prepaid and gift cards in the ecosystem and the products affiliated with them
  • The update on the long awaited EMV integration and the outlook for the months and years ahead
  • How to utilize and properly execute NFC technology as part of your mobile payments strategy
  • Partner with other entities across the value chain to solve merchant and consumer problems
  • Understand and duplicate the catalysts that lead retailers and brands to implement a mobile solution and which ones are utilizing mobile the most effectively
  • Filtering through differences in mobile money, banking and transactions
  • Strategies to identify and target new customer segments
  • Understand how to implement and integrate beacon technologies into payment solutions
  • Driving loyalty and frequency through case studies of end to end payment solutions
  • Understand the impact of HCE on the payment dynamics

and much more….!

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